About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!

Some of you may have landed here questioning ‘who is this person and what does he have to offer?’ That is a good question, first of all a bit about myself and why I decided to make this blog.

My name is Scott, or as people like to call me ‘Scotty’, I was born and raised in Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow. I like to consider myself as relatively young, 32 going on 33 and currently finishing off and progressing through my study in photography. I can remember when I was a ‘wee wayne’ (kid) I was always full of life, the thought of travel always excited me and had an urge to go climbing hills, I was always very adventurous in that regard. Having been born in 1984 technology and life was very different, we never had these smart phones and the internet wasn’t commercialised or existent to the public, much of how I spent my childhood was watching TV, playing video games or most of all out playing football at every opportunity that was given to me.

I can remember moments when my family would sit down with new or older photographs, moments including my life, at that time it didn’t have much meaning but when I was handed my first polaroid camera it gave me that urge to create my own. I spent most of my life up until my late teens mostly in and around southern Scotland and I remember in my late teens when I began travelling with friends seeing the scenery for the first time, the whole experience, everything blew me away. I would say that a large part of this gave me the urge to capture those moments of what I saw either through pictures or video to show to the world. Videography was something I grew a love for, not only was I able to document the world through my own vision but about myself, my thoughts and ideas. This was to be the beginning of my journey towards photography.

At that time in my life I was lost and confused at the direction I wanted to go in career wise, it never crossed my mind to become a photographer, although I knew I excelled at Art in school as well as knowledge based subjects like History and enjoyed computer related subjects, for this reason it led me into junior Graphic Design. I studied briefly at College in Multimedia Web Development and there I was introduced to the software Photoshop and Illustrator, since then I began studying Photoshop in depth, studied CSS and XHTML at home and began designing and implementing my own work for a small startup company. The crisis of 2008 took its toll however and reverted back to retail work. My desires had not changed however, I felt deep inside me I was destined for something bigger.

I went through PAN European Safety Training up north in Dyce in attempt to find work offshore on the oil rigs, something I was enticed into doing, I suppose the money was the reason. I had also went through more training for Banksman and Slinging to become a Roustabout, however as time progressed and being knocked back through phoning agencies, the usual response I would get was that I have no experience, silly, I know, how are you supposed to gain experience if you don’t get the work? I began to lose interest and besides, my heart wasn’t in it, I wanted to do something I love.

Feeling lost and confused with certain level of depression and anxiety I decided to sit down and go through a test on the internet to find what my ideal career would be, one of the results turned out to be a tour guide and it was from there I decided to study one year at College in Travel and Tourism. It was something I enjoyed, the wonderful people I came across and it gave me a better insight, gave me direction and that’s what I was needing, however something struck a cord with me and that was a memory of being told from my YouTube videos I should get into doing it as a career. When I finally decided to take that route, the one year I spent studying TV operations it included higher photography and once I began studying photography, I fell in love with it.

It is not until you start studying photography that you realise the potential career wise, since then I have progressed onto my third and final year at College studying HND photography.

I would say that I’ve went through a lot of depression and anxiety in life even from my younger years and each time came out the other end resilient, however a constant repetition took its toll on me. Despite the trials and tribulations I was content with my appearance and strongly self-assured and understood my strengths and weaknesses to a great deal, however moving into 2007 things began to change, I began putting weight on, I wasn’t as active and my first girlfriend I had was short lived in 2008, there is no truer saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ Since the year of 2007 till now 10 years later something has finally sparked a fire inside me to change and do something about what I have been feeling low about for so long.

From the story of my journey on the road to photography and the trials and tribulations I went through, that love for documenting my thoughts, ideas and what I see it inspired me to combine my photography work to promote myself for my career, but to give my clients and other people an insight to the person I am. If what I write and say through blogs and vlogs benefits others, it is an added bonus to myself. I enjoy being a leader and providing information to help other people.

I’m sure with the combination of my photography work you will see along with my personal vlogs and blogs you will learn a lot more about me.