COGC Graded Unit: Cairngorms Wildlife Tour and Reindeer Centre: Shoot 6 and 7 Research

1207039441WildlifeBoatWebHaving successfully completed my photographic tour and currently staying in the Cairngorms over the weekend I have planned 2 shoots in one day. The first shoot I discovered from a leaflet posted on a wall in a restaurant / hotel advertising about a wildlife tour at Loch Insh which begins midday between 4pm and 6pm and having been to the Cairngorms reindeer centre previously when I did the photographic shoot with Neil McIntyre, I was informed the reindeer centre take groups of people up the mountains to see the free ranging reindeer before 11am in the morning. I’m hoping with both of these tours I will be able to capture some more of the wildlife and plan to capture some landscape images especially to show for the reindeer habitat.

cairngorm-reindeer-centre-see-do-walks-largeThe wildlife I captured at the Highland Wildlife Park are well suited to the environment surrounding that area such as the wolves, likewise the reindeer would be in their natural habitat. For this I would imagine the terrain will be mucky and therefore will be wearing my waterproof trousers with my hiking boots in preparation. Admission costs to visit the free ranging reindeer will cost £14 per adult for the hill trip and will be travelling to the reindeer centre in the Cairngorms by car. I would hope that on the hill trip I will get enough time to spend photographing the reindeer in their natural habitat, it does mention however that there is no guarantee of seeing the reindeer.

The wildlife tour bcairngorm-reindeer-herdy boat midday I plan to use my 150-600 Sigma Sports lens for capturing distant subjects, depending where the boat will travel and much of the wildlife birds I may find on the outskirts of Loch Insh. If the boat stops at points I maybe able to shoot landscape shots depending what I see, however I maybe restricted if the boat tour is inside which I would then have to shoot through the windows. The boat travels at a speed of 2 to 3 mph which is ideal and tour lasts roughly 1 hour. There are specified times for booking and due to visiting the reindeer centre first I will be looking to book the wildlife boat tour at Loch Insh for 4pm. As noted there is the opportunity to capture the Osprey’s which is something I would love to photographand if lucky I might capture one of them fishing or flying. The
y are fascinating and beautiful birds and would be great to cWILD2apture some images of their nest. There is no admission costs for the boat tour which is also greatly beneficial.

As the website mentions about the boat tour there will also be a nature walk available that can be done before and after the tour. I would love to capture some nice landscape of woodland area as it would be fantastic for Red Squirrel habitat. The tour has to be booked so hoping to visit in the same day, if not available I hope to have the boat tour booked following day. The weather is forecasted to be overcast but may work in my favour for woodland habitat shots. On the Monday the weather is forecasted to be sunny.

Sources for my research can be found here:


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