COGC Graded Unit 2: Scottish Wildlife-Highland Wildlife Park: Shoot 5 Research

article-1222317-06EBFF9A000005DC-935_964x575Having researched in the past about the highland wildlife park I was well aware that there was photographic days that you could book and pay for. From past and recent research I’m more than positive it enables you to get closer to the animals. This would be ideal for capturing some fantastic closeup images that I would like, although I do feel, like Edinburgh Zoo, I maybe limited with techniques I could use; uncertain whether I’ll capture some environmental shots such as wide angle, depends on available space and as mentioned before I want the pictures of the wildlife to appear natural without certain hindrances such as wired fencing etc. I’m aware that around the Highland Wildlife Park there is wired fencing, whether or not they allow photographers in with the animals is yet to be seen. However if shooting behind wired fencing I know that using shallow depth of field it will allow me to blur the wired fencing to capture whatever subject in focus. Like Edinburgh Zoo I would imagine it will be dependent on where the animal is situated, if close to fencing I won’t be able to use as I would prefer to blur that out from background.

wolvesI had researched the weather forecast for the photographic tour, although the weather is forecasted to be bad, if the weather is bad it would be good to capture images of the wildlife with dramatic lighting if possible. The tour starts at 8:30 in the morning before the park opens to the public so I need to ensure I am there in time and it will last throughout the day until 4pm and the photographic day tour costs £150 per person. As mentioned on the official website of the Highland Wildlife park, the photographic day tours get you close to the wildlife so I’m hoping to use my 70-200mm f/2.8 for the wide open aperture, may also use my 24-70mm f/2.8 as it would be nice to capture some wide angle portraits of the wildlife. The photographic day was booked in advance and is for April 29th. Food and drink is provided in morning.

My main target for this photographic tour is to capture some stunning images of some of the other wildlife on offer to see in Scotland, I’m fairly confident that I can capture some maxresdefaultother techniques when I go to shoot the seabirds, if I can pull off any at the Highland Wildlife Park it would be an added bonus. Due to having visited before in the past I’m more than aware of what is on offer so I do hope to capture a good variety which I feel will really add to my final 20 images.

The Highland Wildlife Park is situated in the Cairngorms region of Scotland and given the size of the place I feel there is better opportunity to capture the animals to appear as though they are in their natural habitat.

You can find the source for this research at:


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