CoGC GU2: Scottish Wildlife — Shoot 4 Research

Although having visited Edinburgh Zoo numerous times in the past for various shoots including my higher in photography and knowing what to expect of the place, I know that for this graded unit project capturing a variety of techniques is extremely challenging especially when photographing animals in a Zoo. I don’t expect to capture anything like a pan shot using the slow shutter speed and depending what and where it is in Edinburgh Zoo I maybe limited with using wide angle as it would be preferable to capture the animals as if they were in their natural environment. Capturing a variety of the animals at Edinburgh116 Zoo may give me a variety of images that could potentially be used towards my final 20. Even if I use a few images from this shoot it will give me enough opportunity to capture images with other techniques from other shoots. There are some parts of the Zoo with wide open space such as where the Zebra’s are kept where I may have the potential to capture wide angle.

I checked the weather forecast for tomorrow (Saturday) and the weather seems decent first part of the day till afternoon. It will be sunny with clouds which would be ideal for capturing the animals. As my project is targeted at wildlife tourism in Scotland it would be nice to have several images of the different animals to show for what is on offer. For visiting Edinburgh Zoo the cost will be £18.50 for per adult with a £4 parking charge which I’ll be travelling by car.

There are the feeding times throughout the day as well as the times they do talks on the animals so I would be looking to capture portraits, preferably of them doing something that tells a story. For the shoot I will be using my Canon 5D Mark iii full frame body camera, I may use my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L ii lens for wide angle and hopefully mostly
use the 70-200 f/2.8 L ii lens. I may also carry my Sigma 150-600 sport lens but preferably use the 70-200 for the f/2.8 wide open aperture. I won’t require a tripod and flash is prohibited from use at Edinburgh Zoo. The portraits of the animals I hope to capture I want to be professional which I’m positive I can capture a good mix of.

The Zoo from April through t213ill September opens from 9am and closes at 6pm so will give me sufficient time to capture plenty of images from around the Zoo. It would be difficult to capture any landscape shots for the habitat of these animals as many are not native to Scotland, although as planned there are places I have in mind for a later shoot at the Highland Wildlife Park in the Cairngorms.

Here you will find the source for my research on Edinburgh Zoo:


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