CoGC GU2: Scottish Wildlife — Target Market

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 22.44.42As I planned out my graded unit self-initiated project on Scottish wildlife my aim is to provide a wide variety of shots that show the wildlife in Scotland on offer. I’m passionate about wildlife and conservation is something I take strong interest to and given that my project is on Scottish wildlife I decided my target market would be aimed at Scottish tourism. I feel the wildlife of Scotland plays a big part as much as the beautiful Scottish scenery such as the Cairngorms or Glencoe. I did mention the plan to capture many of the wildlife as to appear more natural like their natural habitat and although some animals may not be native to Scotland my aim is to show for what Scotland has to offer, what tourists can see when they visit.

It is for this reason I aim to capture a variety of animals from the zoo’s, wildlife parks and some in their natural habitat. I have been fortunate to capture many great images so far. The butterfly and insect wimg_1881orld was a fine example as the butterflies tourists can see originate from South America. Likewise many of the animals such as Edinburgh Zoo etc, they have a variety of animals such as penguins, lions, tigers etc. There has been photographs taken of the animals by photographers that I’ve seen on sale.

The Highland Wildlife Park itself does photographic days specified for photographers where they get you close to the animals to photograph. It’ll be a tougher task in places like Edinburgh Zoo or Five Sisters Zoo although I know I’m capable of capturing some shots. Edinburgh Zoo for example has a wide open field for capturing the Zebra and have captured pictures of lions before using the shallow depth of field, useful when shooting through wired fence as the wire disappears when focusing on the particular subject. My only issue using the Zoo’s is being limited in techniques, so aim to use other techniques elsewhere such as for the Scottish Seabirds, a fantastic opportunity to capture pan shots and maybe even silhouette shots.

All of these places attract tourism in Scotland every year and would be nice to capture images that are eye catching and stand out, meaning the pictures don’t appear as if they 014were taken by a tourist. However the images I would like to capture as professional as possible to make it appealing for tourists to want to visit and see the animals.

Much of this influence was based on my research found on Visit Scotland where you can find some of their beautiful pictures of the habitat and wildlife here:


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