CoGC GU2: Scottish Wildlife — Shoot 2 Research

Edinburgh’s Butterfly & Insect World: Research

_20A5009.JPGHaving failed to capture macro shots of insects at Benmore Botanic Garden I decided to dedicate the time there capturing landscape images of their habitat, the limited time I had I didn’t feel I found quite what I was looking for. However, as my project is based around general wildlife targeted for tourism in Scotland I captured a landscape shot for the Red Squirrel habitat. I must also add that I should have added my target audience in my plan. As I failed to capture any images of insects using macro technique I decided to plan a visit to Edinburgh’s Butterfly and Insect World, this for me was the perfect location as I had already visited a place very similar before called Amazonia in Scotland, so I somewhat knew what to expect.

Having done the research about Edinburgh’s Butterfly and Insect World there were several websites showing images as well as videos I researched on YouTube which gave me an idea of what to expect. Information was also provided through the wimgres-2ebsite such as the location, what was available to see and opening and closing times. As the location is indoors it was greatly beneficial for me.

As soon as I returned home late due to traffic problems from Benmore Botanic Garden I had limited time and spent a considerable amount of time updating my blog for the outcome of the first shoot. I planned my visit to Edinburgh’s Butterfly and Insect World for the following day and unfortunately it didn’t leave me enough time to update the workbook with the research I had done. Perhaps I should have been better organised rather than rush into things. The research was fairly simple and straightforward in that circumstance but still should have left myself that time to update the blog before the shoot. I also took costs into consideration such as the estimated cost on petrol for travelling by car  which was about £5 and entry costs £7.95 per adult.

imgres-3A small issue upon doing my research I found there was no information on photography which left uncertainty as to whether or not I was able to use flash indoor as I planned to use my 600 EX-RT speed-light with my small Lastolite softbox on top of my camera. Thankfully on arrival I asked the receptionist whether or not I was allowed to use flash and she said it was perfectly fine as the butterflies would think of it as lightening from a storm. Being indoors it was a slight concern of thought that without flash being forced to use higher ISO to compensate. I knew that for this shoot there would be limited space and knew I didn’t require my tripod. I planned to use my Canon 5D Mark iii with my Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro USM lens and extension tubes. Before arrival I knew from experience shooting macro without flash from a similar place turned out good results so I wasn’t overly concerned, although was my preference.

imagesI knew from visiting a similar place called Amazonia in Scotland that I would most definitely capture photographs I planned for and despite my uncertainty of whether I was able to use flash or not at the time I had a fair idea from what I could capture as I photographed a butterfly last year in Amazonia of a butterfly feeding on sliced apple. I also planned to use their environment to capture the insects to look as if they’re in their natural habitat.

Another issue with shooting the insects at the Butterfly and Insect World were the type of insects I was going to shoot where their natural habitat isn’t Scotland and shooting landscape indoors for their artificially made up environment isn’t ideal, however for Scottish tourism to give an example of what is available for tourists to see, I feel the macro shot would be sufficient to show for what Scotland has to offer. Given the place is open 7 days a week all year round and is a closer location I could always revisit if I wish to capture better. Another thing I had to take into consideration for planning this shoot was their heating environment and therefore to help prevent the lens of the camera steaming over I planned to keep a lens hood on.

You can find the research source for where I gathered the information about the Butterfly and Insect World from the following sources here:


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