Cutting Ties: Understanding Self-Worth

The past few months has been very difficult for me and unfortunate as it is to say I’ve had to let some people go from my life out of dignity and self-pride. Someone whom I considered somewhat a friend who insulted me behind my back, disheartens me, whilst I’m on the road to recovery that part of my strength and self-pride is there and I will get stronger. With a build up of misfortune over many years, the disappointments having my self-esteem hammered into the ground the past month was the final straw of putting myself down. There is only so much someone can take and knowing deep down I’m better than what I’ve made myself out to be for so long. I began by targeting something that has made me feel low about myself for a long time and although it is early days I’m beginning to take a lot more pride in myself.

I am a loyal hearted person, a very good hearted person and someone real, genuine and caring and above all else I am not a person to stand back and let anyone run me down, that is not a friend. I sadly lost friends several years ago but I can safely say that I would rather be without than stick around made to feel as if I’m some punch bag or mentally ill. Those who are worth your time are those who truthfully appreciate you for being who you are, they don’t attempt to run you down. However, regardless of what is thought of me as a person I don’t need that in my life to validate my self-worth, I’m far above and beyond that.

Perhaps that has been a problem of mine for so long, not thinking about me, too battered and bruised to think about myself only to allow others to bring me down. I feel this is a turning point in my life and it is sad to say that I had to let some of them go because I’m worth more than that.

Who knows what is in front of me, I cannot predict the future but at least I feel my self-pride returning. If anyone thinks they can use you, speak to you anyway they wish and does not appreciate you genuinely, they’re not good enough to be a part of your life.


3 thoughts on “Cutting Ties: Understanding Self-Worth

    1. scottymckelvie Post author

      That’s nice to see, always as a reminder that only those appreciative of you are worth it, taking that pride in yourself to put yourself first and not let anyone negative drag you down as it’s all about understanding you’re worth more than that.

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